English / Aussie Repair Pricing
  Here are some of the most common repairs that we do on English saddles.  We are only able to offer a limited list of repair for english and aussie saddlery.   I am sorry but we can no longer offer seat replacements or panel restuffing.  For exstinsive english saddle repair we would like to recommend Mike Scott www.saddleguy.com
Basic Pricing Information
  • We have a $25.00 minimum on all repair work
  • We charge $45.00 an hour for labor on all repair work
  • It is also a lot easier to estimate the cost of a repair if I can see it.  Feel free to email me pics of your saddle and the areas that need work.  Send as many as needed to kparrish@thesaddleguy.com
Description of Repair Materials Labor
Replace billets
$50.00 $130.00
Replace Stirrup Leathers $44.95         -

Replace Billet Guard

Replace Knee Rolls







Anatomy of An English Saddle

Anatomy of an Australian Stock Saddle