When trying to develop a line of tack that will give many years of trouble free service, you have to start off with quality materials. That is why we use only the finest domestic skirting leather custom split to just the right thickness.  All of our leather starts off a natural russet color and we dye it to one of our signature colors.  Then we  hand rub the edges of each strap until glassy smooth.  After stitching with marine quality thread we hand apply multiple coats of warm pure neastsfoot oil until each strap has just the right feel.  We then apply a durable protective finish to further ensure long life and give a deep lustrous appearance. 
    We use only top quality stainless steel and solid brass hardware.  Stainless and brass hardware does not rust, it lasts longer, and makes life a little easier.  We considered much more than just the materials that our hardware is cast from, we also meticulously chose hardware that is easier to manipulate.  This is especially handy for those with dexterity issues or when it’s just plain cold and your fingers don’t want to cooperate. We add snaps to straps that need to be removed often and each snap has been chosen with its particular function in mind.
    All of our leather goods are a product of two things, quality materials and care in their creation.  The care that we put into each product may be what sets our tack apart. We are just obsessive about our craft.  We truly are passionate about creating the best leather gear possible.  We just want to make it a little easier for you to enjoy the time that you get to get out there.

                                                                                        Kevin Parrish