Here are some nice things people had to say.  Thanks everybody!

     You've hit the ball out of the park... It is stunning!  Absolutely beautiful!  I love the magnolia and the trim pattern.  Send me some business cards to give to people who see it and want your name.  Great job...

Sandy K.
Marion, IL

   The saddle (an Original Trooper) arrived yesterday and I put it on Pal this morning. I just returned from a long ride looking at the yearlings and wanted you to know that the saddle is wonderful....really don't see how you could ask for more.
Thanks....I know it will get even better as it breaks in and I will let you know.
Again, thanks.
Rick S.
Aspermont, Tx 

 My name is Gary Cremeens. I am fortunate enough to live only a few minutes away from Kevin Parrish. I contacted him about building a custom saddle for me. In particular I was interested in the Aussie Trooper saddle that friends of mine, Mike and Laurie Green have. Mike's saddle is a 22 year old Aussie Trooper built buy Tucker Saddle Company. Kevin Parrish worked for Tucker until a few years ago and knows how to build a saddle from the ground up, as well as the aspects of mass producing a saddle. He has taken the best of both worlds to create a saddle that is custom made with attributes of mass production. There is no doubt in my mind that Kevin Parrish loves what he does and cares enough about quailty that he makes one of the best saddles produced today.

 The Aussie Trooper is a saddle that brings together the best qualities of the western saddle and the trooper saddle. While this may not be the cheapest saddle you can buy it is certainly not the most expensive. I own a custom made western saddle with extra pading, a high end trooper saddle which has a suspended seat and I have used several other saddles. I can say that without a doubt this is the most comfortable saddle I have used.
     I would also say that the photos don't due the saddle and the workmanship justice. Some have said that it is the most beautiful saddle they have ever seen.
 Am I happy with the saddle and the value I recieved for the money I spent, Yes and I highly recommend Kevin's work and in particular this saddle to anyone.

   This is Brian.  I am very pleased with my trooper saddle that you built for me.  It is now starting to relax down and break in.  It is the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden. 

Brian H.
Smithville, MS
Hi Kevin,
    I wanted to let you know how happy I was with the work you did on my saddle,I have already shown the saddle to some hunter  jumper ladies and they were impressed as well. Also just wanted to mention that I had contacted three other master saddlers before I found your name and they all refused to even try to fix the saddle. Thank you for doing a great job, I could not be happier with the work.
Valley Head,  AL

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About custom leather sashes for Rodeo Queen and Princess Erin and Shelby
Thank you Kevin!
They look Great! Exactly what I was wanting!
I really appreciate you doing those for me! Thanks so much for all your help!!!
Poplarville, MS


I want to thank you for a superb job on the plantation saddle. I am very pleased.


Shelbyville, TN



I received my saddle today and it looks wonderful!  I have highly recommended you on the forum!  Beautiful work on the flank billets,  the tooling matches like they are OEM. I love your work!


Scandanavia, WS

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The saddle is dreamy!!!! I love, love it... Probably one of the most comfortable saddles I've sat in and so far no protest from my horses. My husband rode it too and loved it.  I am very happy with my saddle, workmanship and customer service.