Western Repair Pricing

 Here are some of the most common repairs that we do on western saddles.  This is not a complete list.  If you do not see the repair that you need give us a call. 

 Estimated Prices for some common repairs.

Clean, Oil, and Refinish *                                         125.00

Stirrup Leather Replacement                                  125.00

Replace Saddle Strings(per string)                            8.00

Seat Replacement (suede)                                        215.00

Seat Replacement (smooth grain)                         225.00

D ring rigging replacement (per side)                     95.00

InSkirt rigging replacement (per side)                  115.00

Fleece Replacement (real wool)                               275.00

Fleece Replacement (synthetic)                               175.00

Please call or email for additional repair pricing.  

Western Saddle Repair Pricing

Part Names Of The Western Saddle